"Sometimes in life you meet that one person that makes a difference in your life, in my life that person would be Amy! She saved not only our marriage but made me a better all around person. I use her teachings in everyday life as well as my marriage. "

-Client G

About Amy

I believe that issues arise due to family and social influences. However, individuals are experts in their own lives and possess the strength to be resilient. Therefore, my goal in therapy is to help clients understand and access their strengths to overcome emotional and mental health barriers that may be hindering them from living a fulfilled life.


My mission is to provide affordable and quality counseling services to individuals, couples, and families in San Diego to help them achieve a more satisfying life.


Purpose of Therapy

Being open to individual therapy and couples counseling is one way of getting closer to achieving happiness. Therapy allows you the opportunity to assess and process your thoughts and actions. It will assist your mind and body in becoming congruent with one another and help you obtain the harmony that you may need in your life.